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Weaving Communities Together

Meet our friend and fabulous weaver, Anita from The Highlands of Guatemala! We'd like to introduce you to the weaving process that goes into the textiles that we purchase to make our pillows. It is incredible seeing the creation of these beautiful and vibrant textiles.

Anita teaches and encourages the women in her co-op, most of them being single mothers like herself, to be highly entrepreneurial for their families.

Stay tuned for further videos from this co-op partnership and from other weavers that we support!

Video credit: Mynor Israel

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  • How wonderful to hear and see Anita in her coop. With the efforts of this coop, these women are preserving the weaving traditions of generations. It is a complicated and labor-intensive process that machines can just not duplicate. There is no book to teach this. The secrets of success can only be learned from person to person working side by side with patience and love. The resulting patterns and colors are truly organic in every way. Buy a pillow and see for yourself.

    Mary Rana

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